Our ecclesia (congregation) in Moorestown was established in 1928 when a handful of Christadelphians moved from Philadelphia and began meeting together at their homes in Lenola. As membership increased, they came to outgrow the homes in which they met and rented a building on East Camden Avenue in the late 1940’s. Then the Moorestown Community house was rented for a number of years beginning in the early 1950’s, and in the early 1960’s the schoolhouse at 101 North Lenola Road – then in use as a private residence – was purchased for use as a meeting hall. By God’s grace, some 60 years later it continues to be the location of our regular meetings on Sundays and Thursdays.

Visitors are welcome!

About Christadelphians

The name Christadelphian (from Greek words meaning “brethren [of] Christ”) was coined in the 1860s, the time of the American Civil War, to identify a group of people that had developed gradually in the United States (and the United Kingdom) over the preceding 15 years and shared distinctive beliefs about the original and authentic teaching of the Bible. As much as Christadelphians as a formal movement are relatively new compared to many other religious groups, there is evidence that the beliefs we embrace have in large part been shared by believers dating back to the first century.

Today, Christadelphians, although not very numerous anywhere, can be found around the world. The foundation of our belief is that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Its teaching leads us to faith in the Living God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, with whom all our hope rests. We believe that the Bible is accurate in its descriptions of the past, of supreme value in its guidance for the present, and reliable in its prophecies of the future.

The great focus of our hope is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth and the establishment of God’s kingdom, centered in Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, and in Israel. It is our deepest aspiration that at that time, by the grace of God, we will be granted immortality and a place—among the resurrected and immortalized faithful of all generations—with Christ in that Kingdom and through the endless ages to come.

To that end, though we humbly recognize our present weakness and imperfection, we seek to live in faith and obedience to God and to be ready for Christ when he comes again.