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The Moorestown, New Jersey Christadelphian Ecclesia was founded when three families moved from Philadelphia to Moorestown circa 1936. Members initially met in their homes, then in different locations as the ecclesia grew over the years. A one-room school house, once attended by two members of the ecclesia, was purchased in 1963. This school house on 101 N. Lenola Road is still where the Moorestown Christadelphians faithfully meet some 50 years later.

Sunday School starts at 9:15 am.  Memorial Service Starts at 10:30 am.

During the summer our Sunday School is recessed and Memorial Service begins at 10:00 am.

(All who fellowship under the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith are welcome to partake of the emblems in our memorial service.)

Weekly Bible Class is held Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

Class Downloads

Our class downloads section features recordings of Bible classes given at our meeting hall. All Thursday night Bible classes, Sunday School classes, and Sunday exhortations are recorded in MP3 format and regularly posted for downloading. Recordings can be burned to CD's or copied to MP3 players for listening at any anytime.

Live Streaming

Our Memorial Service and other events are now being streamed live over the Internet. If you wish to view this feed, log in using the log in box on the left side of this page and then click the "Live Streaming" link under the "Main Menu" heading.


New Website

The Archive

The basement of the Moorestown ecclesial hall contains countless tape recordings that have been collected over the years from numerous Bible schools and study weekends. Going back as far as 40 years, the tapes are a vast trove of excellent scriptural exposition from Christadelphian speakers, some of whom have fallen asleep. However, with the rise of the home computer, compact disc (CD) and portable digital music players, the cassette tapes are all but obsolete, and now tend to collect dust.

To preserve these tape recordings and make them available to a new generation equipped with the latest electronic tools, members of the Moorestown Ecclesia have taken on the task of digitally converting the recordings to MP3 format and making them freely available to members of the Moorestown Ecclesia and the worldwide Christadelphian community on a new site: archive.moorestownchristadelphians.org.

If God permits, "The Archive" may one day house digitized versions of all of the tapes now found in Moorestown’s ecclesial library. May this effort be interrupted and itself made obsolete by the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Labor Day Study Weekend

The classes from our Labor Day study weekend have been uploaded and can be accessed through the "Class Downloads" page. The PowerPoint presentation accompanying Bro. Richard's Thursday class has been uploaded; the others will follow soon.

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